The Post-it success story of failure

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Online Marketing Freaks Published on July 02, 2023

The failure

It is 1968. He is standing in his laboratory. Test tubes, petri dishes, liquid chemicals - everywhere. He is Dr Spencer Silver, a researcher at 3M. His mission is clear: create the strongest adhesive ever. But the result? An adhesive that almost doesn't stick. It sticks only slightly. Peels off. To be reused. A failure, he thinks. But its true value is revealed later. Moving on to 1974, Spencer meets Art Fry, another scientist at 3M.


The new idea of Post-it

Art is annoyed. His bookmarks for church hymns always fall out of the hymnal. He needs something that will stick - without damaging the paper. That's when he remembers Spencer. And his "failed" invention. The aha experience! Art sees the potential of the "weak" adhesive. It's not just a simple bookmark, but a whole new medium of communication. Together they develop the Post-it. A new medium that hits the market in 1977. And will revolutionise the way people around the world communicate, organise and remember.

Today, the brightly coloured sticky notes hang on blackboards, computer screens, office walls, fridge doors and window panes all over the world: as an indispensable memory aid!The history of the Post-it shows us 3 valuable lessons. Especially for you. As an expert. Service provider. Specialist. For communicating your high-quality offers:

  1. Mistakes can often be the beginning of breakthroughs. Your product or service may not be perfect. But setbacks? They can be the starting signal for your success story.
  2. Less is sometimes more. Silver's glue wasn't super strong. But versatile. Useful. It's often the simplest, most understandable products that have the greatest success.
  3. The presentation decides. It wasn't until Silver and his team presented the "weak" glue in the form of post-its that it became a big seller. It was the story behind the product that captivated the audience. Without this storytelling, the "weak" glue would have been gathering dust somewhere on the lab shelf....

But here is the crux of the matter, the secret ingredient that brings it all together. In the world of marketing and selling, it is often an excellent message that makes all the difference:

A message that fits on a post-it has power.

Why? Because people buy things that they immediately understand and feel with their gut.

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